Cost of Cremation

When a precious companion passes away it is hard to make the decision as to what to do next. Pets Ever After can help to give your pet a dignified departure and allow you to keep their ashes close to you.

The cost of cremation is related to the weight of your pet and all ashes are returned to you in a named and wrapped cardboard urn, unless otherwise stated. Please contact us if you would like to discuss your options.


Why Cremate?

There are many reasons why you may choose to have your beloved pet cremated. If you rent or are likely to move in the future, then cremation can be a good option to make sure your pet moves with you. Likewise, have a small property or don’t have a place to bury them, then cremation provides the option of safely keeping your pet at home with you.

Once your pet has been cremated with us, it will be returned to you for burial, scattering or preserving.


The Process

Cremation is the process of exposing the remains to extreme heat, causing the body to be evaporated and reduced to skeletal remains or cremains. These cremains are then processed further to reduce them to small fragments nearly resembling dust.

We place the cremains in a sealed bag which can be packaged and labelled with your pet’s name, or placed in one of our beautiful memorial urns, scatter tubes or a container of your choosing, and then returned to within a few days.



You may wish to bury your pet in their favourite garden, beside your other buried pets, or at a friend or family members place.


Scattering Ashes

You may wish to scatter your pet’s ashes in their own yard, over their preferred swimming hole, under their favourite tree, or just into the wind. Some say that scattering a pet’s ashes symbolises setting your pet free on their final journey.

Pets Ever After are happy to personally scatter the ashes of your companion on your behalf if you are unable to.


Preserving Ashes

You might like to preserve your pet’s ashes by keeping them in one of our beautiful memorial urns and you may like to place a memorial stone in your pet’s favorite garden. Preserving your pet’s ashes rather than scattering or burying them is a way of keeping them with you, even when you move house.


Personal Service

We personally answer our emails and telephone calls and notify you once the cremation process has been completed.

Our prices are competitive and we have a 100% service commitment guarantee.

For any other questions on cremation or help getting started, please contact us.

We are here to help you during your time of grieving and loss.