Carry your loved one close to your heart in an intimate and attractive jewellery piece with a Flame Art Memorial Bead.

These elegant memorial beads are hand-formed into an appealing wearable glass pendant, hung on a 500mm sterling silver chain and displayed n a presentation box.

A small amount of as (½ teaspoon) from cremation can be incorporated into the bead, sealed internally, either visible or shielded from view with coloured glass and formed into the design of your choice.

A lock of hair or fur can be used as an alternative to cremains.

Memorial Beads $195 each plus postage.

  1. Hollow drop fob bead with pet hair and a matching black bracelet bead with ashes.
  2. Hollow heart bead with ashes inside.
  3. Flattened round bead pendant with aqua colours and ashes.
  4. Hollow heart bead with hair inside.
  5. Black drop fob bead with ashes.

All beads come with a Certificate of Authenticity and any remains not used will be returned with the completed items.

Visit the Flame Art website at:

NB: Payment must be made to Pets Everafter before beads are created and sent.